A friend of me in the office have passed a test in order to get a master scholarship. How prosperous… GOD listened him. He ever told me that he really want this scholarship, not only to get a gratuitous master degree in somewhere abroad, but also to lam from this -that he call- sucks bureau and sucks people :p, and tralalaaaa he got it!

I’m blithe for him, indeed. But, we know, as an usual human, there’s something, in the deepest of our dark conscience, that’s called ‘envy’. I mean not for his opportunity to get a ‘costless education’ or his probability to wear a burberry coat while make a snow man in four season country (okeyh for this part i’m a lil bit cankered ^^) or for his chance to be a BOSS after graduate later…   I’m envious to get the point that he can abandon this office and relish the liberty. How lucky…

I don’t get my scholarship (not yet), so  i have to know how to make all of this (which my friend said “sucks”) not overly sucks. Arduous. But Feasible.

Happy working everybody! love ur boss!


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